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About the Artist

Marcelle LaVae

Marcelle La'Vae

- Artist, Singer & Songwriter

Born on Christmas Day in Coos Bay, local Oregon artist Marcelle La’Vae was always curious and creative with strong connections to her Pacific Northwest roots.


Marcelle started living outside the lines in her own cheerful way at an early age. Smart but frequently called out by teachers for talking too much, she loved school and expressing herself. And that’s just how it is when you have something to share with the world. A future Oregon artist was already in the making.

Growing up in a musical family, her own musical journey began with a toy piano at the age of 3.  From “Mary had a Little Lamb” to the inspirational music of Keith Green, she loved it all and at the tender age of 7, a family friend took a chance on this pint-size musical prodigy. With formal training under her belt, Marcelle was writing her own songs by the 8th grade.


It took a little longer for her to develop her talents as a fine artist, but when she discovered abstract art, she loved the “no rules” freedom it gave her. Over time, she blossomed into a unique and inspiring Pacific Northwest abstract artist.

“Music and art have gotten me through many trials in my life,” Marcelle says.  “It’s a release.  A voice.  A way to say things you can’t put into words.  And they are my words.  I can say literally whatever I want by putting it on canvas. Art is very subjective, and I love that it can be interpreted however the person needs to see and feel it. That it can speak to them in a unique only to them.”

The Art of Marcelle La'Vae gives the artist and her like-minded tribe of fans an outlet to be themselves, to be unique, and to #jointheweird. So, feel free to be yourself here and find the inspiration on these canvases to be who you are.

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